Oaks Waterfront Inn Wedding

There’s nothing I love more than sweet, classical weddings, and this Oaks Waterfront Inn wedding may just take the cake as far as pretty goes. The bride’s lace dress, her gold Jimmy Choo shoes, the light pink splashes, the nautical touches, the photographs by Liz and Ryan . Everything is just so pretty and delicate. I love it. All of it. And so will you. Molly and Joe’s love story is very much like the classic boy meets girl, boy falls in love with [...]

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You are my bucket list.

Chapel Hill Wedding

I have been swooning non-stop over this Chapel Hill wedding for weeks, and I’m so excited to finally have you join me in that! If it’s not the sweetest and most emotional first look that A.J. Dunlap Photography captured, then it’s the peach, blush, and nude tones of the color palette, and GORGEOUS reception site that’ll get ya! One of the things I love most was the groom’s unique and sweet decision to have his dad as his best man and his sisters [...]

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How to Dress like a Summer Wedding Guest

Dressing for summer weddings can at times be more complicated than dressing for winter weddings. There are a lot of factors to consider, most importantly being the weather, because many summer weddings are also outdoors. If you break it down into three main categories, dressing for a summer wedding really isn’t that hard. If you follow my tips for hair, makeup, and outfit, you’ll be a summer wedding guest pro! Hair: I don’t have very many hairstyling skills. (Who am [...]

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Tampa Marriott Waterside Wedding

There are so many things to love about this Tampa Marriott Waterside wedding! The first being that every. single. couple portrait is gorgeous enough to be put on a canvas! I don’t know how the bride and groom will be able to choose!! (I’d personally choose them all and make it work somehow.) Another thing to love is the love story – it’s seriously so cute!! A third thing to love, and I never thought I’d say this, are the groom’s socks!! They’re [...]

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Gray and Mint Wedding

I absolutely love this gray and mint wedding captured beautifully by Katie Nesbitt Photography and planned perfectly by Michelle Amarillo Event Planning . I mean, it’s gray and mint and gold – has there ever been a more perfect color combination? (Not today anyway.) And the bride’s veil, dress, and bouquet? Beyond gorgeous. Every bit of them. And if the photos of the bride and groom don’t prove it, their sweet love story will – they’re perfect for each other! Amanda and Drew met through Drew’s brother, [...]

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