Emerald Green and White Wedding

I have to be honest. I was really NOT a fan of Pantone’s Color of the Year last year. Emerald green has never been a favorite for me and I really didn’t get the hype over it. But this wedding, this beautiful, emerald green and white wedding from Nikki Santerre Photography has me singing an entirely different tune. I love emerald!! At least in this wedding, for today. The long emerald bridesmaids dresses, crisp white bouquets, and sparkly jewels make my heart sing. [...]

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The greatest thing you'll ever learn is to love and be loved in return.
~Natalie Cole

Color Crush: Yellow

My current color crush is yellow! It’s such a happy color, isn’t it? So many of my favorite things are yellow: the sun, sunflowers, lemons, bananas (ok, I don’t actually like the taste or smell of bananas, but they sure do look pretty on the countertop), daffodils, squash, tulips, highlighters… and they’re all happy! And I like happy things. Yellow is also a derivative of gold (or vice versa), and that’s a very happy thing!! ;) I happened to catch [...]

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bareMinerals Flawless Complexion Essentials

This was not the post I had originally intended for today. But I purchased this Flawless Complexion Essentials Kit from bareMinerals on Saturday, and was just so excited about it that I thought why not share it with all of you! Before I get into the fabulousness that is the kit and why I decided to get it, let me first just say that I am a HUGE bareMinerals fan. I’ve been using their makeup on and off for years (I don’t even know how [...]

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Royal Blue Wedding Ideas

Note: A wedding on a Wednesday? That’s right! Starting today, weddings will be posted only on Wednesdays!! A “wedding Wednesday” or #weddingwednesday type thing. And I think I’ve said wedding and Wednesday too many times in a very short amount of time. On with the… wedding! Kevin and Brooke met how so many modern day couples are meeting these days, online. And it’s lucky for us that they did. Why you ask? Because if they hadn’t, then they wouldn’t have [...]

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Short Hair, Don’t Care

Last Thursday, I cut off all my hair. *this was right after my haircut on Thursday Well, not all of it, obviously. But five (maybe even six) inches of it was on the floor by the time my hairdresser (her name is Anne – she’s fabulous) was finished. My hair was pretty long when I went in. It came down below my bra strap in the back, which is the longest it’s ever been. Ever. It took a year to [...]

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