Weddings, Love & More is my own personal blog that I started two years ago when I went through a very painful divorce of a marriage of 15 years.

About Me

Being the hopeful romantic that I am, I know that love is everywhere, and not just in the embrace of my jerk of an ex. Love is in the bloom of gardenias and hydrangeas. Love is in children’s laughter. Love is dancing in the rain half naked. Love is kissing a stranger on the cheek and wishing them a good day at work. There is so much cynicism in this world; everyone I know has been effected by it, and it has turned them dark and broody.

I’ve had really, horrible, awful, unspeakable things happen to me over the past two years. Things that have brought me to the point of screaming, cursing loudly, denouncing God at one point, but then I had to stop. I had to look at my surroundings. Yes, shit was happening, but I was choosing to let it affect me in a negative manner. How I controlled my reactions was up to me, and at that moment I refused to become a cynic too.

I used to be a high school teacher of English, but everything I have been through brought me right here, to my little desk, where I get to reach out and touch all my readers. I may have become a shut-in, but I would be a happy shut-in; funny, witty, reaching out through the power of the almighty web, and talking about the most important topic in the world… LOVE.

Catherine Cayce

Age: 36

Skills: Jane of all trades

Interest: So many...

First: Individual Personal Growth Exercise – in a Journal, hand write out 25 positive qualities that you possess. NO NEGATIVES ALLOWEDSecond Spouse Personal Growth Exercise – On another piece of paper, write out only 3 things about your partner you would change.

From that topic, readers have written in about subtopics like weddings and such, so I am broadening my articles, and if there is anything you would like me to research, talk about, I am always open for suggestions. I try to answer all my readers, and stay busy spreading the word of Love. Now it’s your turn. Spread the word.

If I can get my readers to open up and talk about their feelings and start communicating, that would be one of the greatest achievements. Nobel peace Prize achievement. People do not know how to communicate anymore. I remember texting my ex-husband and he exclamation pointed me “Don’t use that tone with me!” Tone? What tone? How does one express tone effectively in a text message? It’s virtually impossible. And if people are going to use their phones to communicate, why are you texting? Isn’t faster to call the person and talk? Through my blog I hope to start putting up weekly individual growth assignments and weekly couple’s assignments and then if you want you can share them in the blog as time progresses, but certainly don’t feel obligated.