HEART Everyone should take care of their hearts because it is the main organ that gives us life. That is what I am here for... to help each and everyone of you LOVE Love is an extraordinary feeling from two ordinary people. It is a deep feeling that gives us happiness and makes living on this planet a worthwhile experience because love never fails. WEDDING A wedding is a very important celebration of two in love persons destined to be together. They had this observance to prepare themselves to live another fruitful life of being one and eventually, start building their own family.

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BrotherCrush.orgBrother Crush - website dedicated for our male audience. Fantasy step families where step brothers' relations are taken very seriously and... sexually. Motto of website is forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest. Dare to find out yourself?

Model Time - Adult Time NetworkModel Time - a new series that stole our hearts in 2020. It's part of Adult Time and it focuses 100% on models and their needs of exhibiting. Models are given a total freedom in creating the episodes here. The stories, the setup, solo or couple - it's all their choice and you are the one to please. Be the judge, let them know if you like it.

Mommy's Boy by Adult TimeMommy's Boy - flagship project of 2021 in Adult Time Network. This time it's a journey into the mind of boys who are afraid of women. And these stepmoms come to their rescue with one mission only - to turn them into real men. These MILFs are full of sexual experience and art of seduction have no secrets for them. This fantasy is a dream come true for many guys around the world, so here you have it! Enjoy :)