Planning a big wedding on a small budget can be a huge task for even the best wedding planners out there. How do you drastically cut down on cost and still succeed in pulling off a great wedding ceremony? If you are planning a big wedding on a budget there are three areas you should

I’m going to forewarn you right now, I am probably the worst person on the planet to give anyone advice about how to deal with heartbreak. This is a subject I’m going to have to research and find out what the “experts” say because for me, well my readers, I feel everything, and I do

The regular everyman or every woman is fascinated by the rich and famous. Everyone has their favorite actor or singer who inspires them, who makes them feel like they understand a piece of the mundane world. We’ve all felt that by looking at someone famous, that if they got to know us, we could totally

Whether you got married under water, in outer space, in a cow patty or in a graveyard, nothing, and I mean nothing is more important on this day then the brides Wedding Dress. The Wedding Dress above all other things sets the tone and theme for the whole wedding. How the bride is looking on

When one thinks of a unique wedding idea, the thought is to still be the bride in the spotlight. The one thing a bride doesn’t want is for the venue to overshadow the way she looks on her day. She wants people talking about her after the wedding not necessarily the wedding ideas. However, you

With fall and winter around the corner, brides are searching all the latest designers  for the hottest trends in wedding dresses. Vera Wang, Marchesa, Savannah Miller and Casablanca are well known for their wedding gowns, but several newcomers made a splash on the scene with daring off off-the-shoulder looks. Rime Arodaky was the newcomer who

Almost every girl dreams of her perfect wedding as she is growing up. From birth, meeting our Prince Charming and having our perfect wedding is drilled into us by Walt Disney, the media, hallmark, romantic melodies, and every multi-million romantic comedy put out by the movie industry each year. Our hearts are meant to burst

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