Have Some Grace. Be Kind.

Sometimes a story comes along that will change your life, your view point. The world shifts, just a little. I met Barbara and her son David through my mom when I was about twelve years old (he was maybe a year or two then). I remember she said he didn’t take to strangers well. More shy than anything else. After a little while, the cutie pie crawled up in my lap and fell asleep. I’ll never forget it. I felt über [...]

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With you, it's different.

The Super Secret Secret of Bobby Pins

I found something out the other day that totally baffled me. It baffled me because I’d never in all my 25 years heard it before. I was gobsmacked! I thought it must be some sort of fluke or practical joke. But then I heard it not just once but FOUR more times that week. (I’m pretty sure The Universe was just laughing at me by that point.) But I still couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe (didn’t want to believe) that [...]

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Chapel Hill Wedding

I have been swooning non-stop over this Chapel Hill wedding for weeks, and I’m so excited to finally have you join me in that! If it’s not the sweetest and most emotional first look that A.J. Dunlap Photography captured, then it’s the peach, blush, and nude tones of the color palette, and GORGEOUS reception site that’ll get ya! One of the things I love most was the groom’s unique and sweet decision to have his dad as his best man and his sisters [...]

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How to Dress like a Summer Wedding Guest

Dressing for summer weddings can at times be more complicated than dressing for winter weddings. There are a lot of factors to consider, most importantly being the weather, because many summer weddings are also outdoors. If you break it down into three main categories, dressing for a summer wedding really isn’t that hard. If you follow my tips for hair, makeup, and outfit, you’ll be a summer wedding guest pro! Hair: I don’t have very many hairstyling skills. (Who am [...]

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July Julep Box

My July Julep Box, though it took forever and a day to get here, is probably my favorite so far! When they announced the July Maven (Poolside) Collection , I honestly wasn’t sure which box I was going to choose. Ultimately, it came down to the fact that two of the boxes each had one color I loved and one I didn’t, and one box had two colors I loved – so I went with the Bombshell box. Inside were the colors Lissa (tumbled turquoise [...]

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